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- Robin the Teen Wonder/Robin #132, Too Many Ghosts

Timothy, dear. I think you and I need a little heart-to-heart about keeping things ‘lighthearted’.

But this is funny thougn. And really scary in a Batman kind of way. Thankfully these are mostly street thugs and young ones at that. Otherwise I don’t think they’d be intimidated by Robin’s speech.

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i am not a prisoner, yet i’m not f r e e
i lost my mind, but i can s e e
i feel a  w i t c h  upon my back
she stole my soul, i want it back [x]

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- Robin the Teen Wonder/Robin #132, Too Many Ghosts

Poor Tim. He’s just lost Stephanie (he thinks) to the Black Mask. Captain Boomerang just killed his father and his girlfriend Darla was recently murdered during a high school shooting in which Tim did what he could to help ubt since he wasn’t Robin at the time there wasn’t much he could do.

This is the entire conversation he has with Bruce as it folds out at Steph’s funeral.

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im making teen titans gifs on good friday

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"Mr. Wayne said he wasn’t going to try to be my father. He wouldn’t adopt me. He’d just make me his ward. He said all he wanted was to make things as good as he could for me. […] If I can’t be with my parents, I’d like to be with Mr. Wayne." Batman Volume 1 Issue #439

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So I just updated my icons and my tags! There are lot more now that I seem to be posting much more general DC characters instead of just the Titans. Go check it out! (also let me know if there’s a link screwed up cuz I tend to miss things when I go fast)

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There’s something about you that’s different. I think you can do better.

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make me choose — raven or storm for raylaufeyson :)

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Batfamily ~ Bat Brothers

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