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Nightwing #142

"Thanks for the tidbit, Obi-Wan."
"I’m a walking fortune cookie."
"Yeah, and a stale one at that."

There is nothing that makes me happier than the Batfam acting like a family. Especially the boys acting like brothers.

Bonus: Poor Alfred

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1100110101100110011 whispered:   
  let's go with the obvious haha, beast boy and raven or beast boy and terra?

This is done!!! Hope you like my choice <3

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make me choose: 110011010110011 asked BBTerra or BBRae

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make me choosepandasofanime asked Raven/Aqualad or Cyborg/Starfire

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9. Want any tattoos Yes! I have narrowed down my ideas to a couple, and I’m definitely going to get it either on my shoulder or the back of my neck.

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  7 8 10

7. Age you get mistaken for: Usually between 12-14 (btw I’m turning 19 this year)

8. Have Tattoos? No but I’m planning on getting one this summer/fall when my parents won’t be around to watch

10. Got any Piercings? Just earrings, but I’m allergic so my ears turn green and puss comes out so I’m too afraid to try any other piercings lol 

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Put a number in my ask, and I’ll answer honestly.


  1. Height:

  2. Shoe Size:

  3. Sexual Orientation:

  4. Do you Smoke?

  5. Do you Drink?

  6. Do you Take Drugs?

  7. Age you get mistaken for:

  8. Have Tattoos?

  9. Want any tattoos

  10. Got any Piercings?

  11. Want any piercings?

  12. Best friend?

  13. Relationship status:

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Make me choose!

Make me choose between two TT characters/ships/episodes and I’ll chose one with a graphic/gif! 

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“Blue is still my favorite color, Dick. That’s why I prefer you without the mask on”

Raven to Robin. Long time ago (via theamethystbird)

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Deathstroke vs Batman


Deathstroke vs Batman

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Show me, Tim. Show me what you have that I didn’t. 

Show me, Tim. Show me what you have that I didn’t. 

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Titan Fancast

↳ Megan Fox as Komand’r/Blackfire

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